Complaints Performance

How are we doing?

We take all complaints we receive seriously and use them to improve the services we offer to our customers. Below are the five most common areas of complaint over the past three months and the work we've done to improve the way we work

GB Energy Supply's Annual Performance


Complaints Received 93
Received per 100K accounts 85
Complaints resolved 93
Resolved per 100k accounts 85
Resolved same or next working day 74%
Resolved within 8 weeks 100%


Complaints Received 201
Received per 100K accounts 158
Complaints resolved 201
Resolved per 100k accounts 158
Resolved same or next working day 70%
Resolved within 8 weeks 100%


Complaints Received 211
Received per 100K accounts 156
Complaints resolved 211
Resolved per 100k accounts 156
Resolved same or next working day 77%
Resolved within 8 weeks 100%


Complaints Received 230
Received per 100K accounts 185
Complaints resolved 222
Resolved per 100k accounts 180
Resolved same or next working day 80.87%
Resolved within 8 weeks 98.89%


Complaints Received 185
Received per 100K accounts 151
Complaints resolved 182
Resolved per 100k accounts 150
Resolved same or next working day 83.24%
Resolved within 8 weeks 98.38%


Complaints Received 202
Received per 100K accounts 162
Complaints resolved 201
Resolved per 100k accounts 161
Resolved same or next working day 84.65%
Resolved within 8 weeks 99.38%
Reporting Period Complaints Received Received per 100K accounts Complaints resolved Resolved per 100k accounts Resolved same or next working day Resolved within 8 weeks
Jan-16 93 85 93 85 74% 100%
Feb-16 201 158 201 158 70% 100%
Mar-16 211 156 211 156 77% 100%
Apr-16 230 185 222 180 80.87% 98.89%
May-16 185 151 182 150 83.24% 98.38%
Jun-16 202 162 201 161 84.65% 99.38%

Communication: - 17%

We understand that some of the industry terminology used in our communication can be quite confusing.

As this in the case we have invested in redesigning our communications also adding to our existing FAQ with additional video tutorials (coming soon) to empower you our customers with all the relevant information and improve the customer journey.

Billing: - 16%

Bills are one of the most important communication you will receive from us it lets you know if your account is in credit/debt. As a result of feedback from our customers we are looking to simplify bills to make it even easier to understand and add more relevant information.

We have also implemented processes to manually reconcile bills when they fall outside of tolerances. For example if you receive a larger than normal bill you will have an assurance that it will have been checked before it is issued.

We are aware that a small number of our customers have not received a bill every month we have an ongoing project to make sure all of our customers have received a bill for every billing period during there their tenure.

Switching: - 13%

For the majority of customers the switching process is straightforward and seamless. Unfortunately, for some of our customers the transfer process can go wrong this is usually down to an "Erroneous Transfer" where we take supply of an incorrect meter. This is usually down to a genuine mistake in the application process.

We have made big strides forward with this process and our ability to get these unfortunate cases resolved in acceptable timeframes, we are also building additional checks into our processes to try and reduce the volume.

Website Issues: - 13%

Throughout 2016 we have made numerous improvements to our website, unfortunately there are a small number of customers who are unable to login or submit meter reads.

We are always working on improving this process and we have simplified the way that you can contact us if you do have a problem with these issues via our web form. Please note that information security is always at the forefront of our minds.

Metering Problems: - 7%

We understand that when you have a problem with a meter it is one of the most significant things that can go wrong. This can cause problems with billing (under/over consumption) or in rare cases actual supply issues.

We have been hard at work with our metering partner to refine our processes and improve the knowledge within our service centre so they are able to quickly resolve customer queries.