Energy Mix

Energy sources

Working with Co-operative Energy, we offer our customers access to sustainable energy sources which means you’ll know exactly where your energy is coming from. We are now also 100% green with 55% coming from onshore wind and solar, showing our commitment to help tackle climate change.

Our energy mix

We are thrilled to provide our customers with 100% renewable electricity on all of our tariffs as standard and at no extra cost. To help you understand a little more, here's a breakdown of where all our renewable energy comes from:

Renewable technology sources

Biodegradable 19.35%
Biogas 3.63%
Biomass 6.98%
Hydro 0.43%
Landfill Gas 13.32%
PV 45.61%
Wind 10.67%
Total 100%

At Co-operative Energy, we are committed to tackling climate change. We do this in three ways:

  1. 1. We actively support community energy generation and provide market access for their output by purchasing their electricity. In addition future purchases of energy will not have coal generation in the portfolio to reduce our carbon footprint. With our User Chooser service, you can let us know your preferred energy mix and (in many instances) the precise renewables project you'd like us to support. Click Here to find out more

  2. 2. We adopt energy-efficient practices throughout our trading groups.

  3. 3. We help you to save energy and give lots of helpful tips on how to lead a lower carbon life.

Fuel sources from which the electricity supplied has been generated

Co-op Energy 2017-18 Fuel Mix % 2017-18 Average for UK %
Coal 0% 7.64%
Gas 0% 41.24%
Nuclear 0% 20.01%
Renewable 100% 29.04%
Other 0% 2.07%
Total 100% 100%

Environmental impact of generating electricity from our fuel sources

Co-op Carbon Content 0
National Average (g/kWh) 359.45
Co-op percentage 0.00%
Co-op renewable content 100.00%
Co-op radioactive waste 0.00%

We are committed to a sustainable world, and this is reflected in surpassing our previous target of 75% renewal sources by the end of 2018. We now obtain 100% of our electricity from renewable sources across all tariffs as standard.

To make a step change to the future carbon content of our fuel mix, Co-operative Energy ceased contracting energy that is generated from coal fired power stations from February 2016. Due to our historic purchases we are still taking delivery of generic energy which will include both coal and nuclear generation, but the coal generation content will diminish to zero over the next three years.

In addition, we are committed to helping our members and customers reduce their energy consumption by offering energy saving advice and smart technology.

Taken together, we believe that this demonstrates our real commitment to creating a better, fairer and sustainable world.

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