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GB Premium Energy Fix May 19

GB Premium Energy Fix May 19

We have introduced a new fixed term tariff for our Premium Energy Saver customers, fixing the prices until May 2019 without any exit penalties. The new GB Premium Energy Fix May 19 tariff, will be introduced alongside GB Green Pioneer as our Standard Variable Tariff.

Why are we moving customers to a fixed product?

As you may be aware, last year Co-op Energy acquired GB Energy supply. Some of our GB Energy customers, like you, have not taken action to choose another tariff since then and have stayed on GB Premium Energy Saver tariff or have moved onto this after your product had come to an end.  To provide certainty to the GB Energy customers, and in line with our Co-operative principles we felt this was the best thing to do. We want to protect you from price rises for a longer period of time and by moving you over to a tariff that comes with an expiry date, we are making sure we have the opportunity later to again remind you of your options.

When will the Tariff change come into effect?

We will be rolling you as a Premium Energy Saver customer onto the fixed product automatically in 2 phases; the weeks commencing 22 January 2018 and 12 February 2018; this will be clarified in your notification. You will also see the previous tariff coming to an end on your bill the day prior to the change and then the new tariff commencing from the above dates. This is the only change to confirm you have moved onto a new tariff that has a fixed end date with no exit fees.

Is the tariff open to all customers?

No, the tariff will only be available for existing Premium Energy Saver customers on all fuel types. This tariff is restricted to the ‘deemed’ GB Energy customers.

What is different in this Tariff?

GB Premium Energy Fix May 19 GB Premium Energy Fix May 19 is a fixed tariff ending on 31 May 2019, which means for this period customers will be protected from any price increases.

Will there be any exit penalties?

No, there are no exit penalties if you wish to switch away from this Tariff.

What payment methods are available?

You will be able to pay by Direct Debit and payment on receipt of bill (PoRoB) on this Tariff.

I’m a prepayment meter customer. Can I switch to the tariff?

No. The tariff is not available to prepayment meter customers.

Is there any price increases?

The new GB Premium Energy Fix May 19 will honour the same unit rates as the Premium Energy Saver. At the end of the tariff you will then be offered a new default fixed tariff or roll onto our SVT, Green Pioneer.

Are all Premium Energy Saver customers moving to the fixed Tariff?

Yes, all GB customers who are on the current Premium Energy Saver SVT as at 31 December 2017 will be moved over to this fixed product.

What options do I now have?

    You will have three options:
  • Do nothing and rollover to our GB Premium Energy Fix May 19 tariff. The change will come into effect in the weeks commencing 22 January 2018 and 12 February 2018.
  • Select one of our latest fixed-term contracts. They can do this now by visiting The majority of the alternative fixed products will have exit fees but may show a saving to the customer against this fixed tariff.
  • Switch to another supplier. All we ask is that customers settle any outstanding bills with us before they leave.

When are you telling customers about the Tariff change?

We will begin informing customers from the 15 December 2017.

Will the Terms and Conditions of the tariff be affected by its change to fixed?

Customers will be moving to a new tariff and therefore new Tariff Terms & Conditions will apply. The customer will be moving from a variable product to a fixed term contract and all rates will remain the same.

How do I provide meter readings on my tariff?

You can provide meter readings through their personal online account: