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Smart Meters

Smart Meters

What are smart meters?

Smart meters are the new generation electricity and gas meters introduced by the government to reduce energy emissions. By reducing emissions, this will also save money for the homeowner, so both you and the environment can benefit from having a smart meter installed. It's the government's aim to have a smart meter in every home that wants one by 2020 however there'll be no be a legal obligation to have one installed. A great benefit of installing a smart meter is that they allow you to gain a better insight into your personal energy consumption, and will also give you a greater sense of control over your bills and overall expenditure. Not every home is eligible for a smart reader at the moment, but it's worth checking if yours is.

Benefits of a smart meter

There are many benefits to the new smart meter, for you as well as the environment:

  • Possibly the most important benefit of using a smart meter is that you will finally be paying an accurate bill, rather than an estimate, as the smart meters monitor exactly how much energy you actually use.
  • You don't have to ring up the energy companies to tell them your meter reading, and they don't have to come to your home to get your meter readings either. Instead, your smart meter will automatically send your energy supplier your meter readings. Even though it's a wireless system, you won't need Wi-Fi in your home to use it.
  • You can monitor exactly how much energy you are using and exactly how much it costs, so that you can reduce emissions and save money where you can.
  • Smart meters use real-time data, so you can have a transparent overview of your energy use, and you'll be able to manage it effectively, as you have the display in your home. The smart meter display can also show you how much energy you've used in the last, hour, week, and month.
  • As we look into the future, with more customers beginning to have smart meters installed, there is also discussion as to whether energy companies would be able to introduce personalised tariffs, tailored to your energy use, which would allow you to receive lower energy bills.
  • Smart meters are a great way for you to keep track on the amount of energy that you use in your home, reduce your impact on the environment and importantly help you to save money by reducing your bills.


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